Putting yourself first supports those around you.
Taking care of you will impact your health, wealth, and happiness.

Marsha Gleit

Founder & CEO, Levity Leadership

Marsha Gleit is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and a master at creating effective leaders. After 30 years of working in the corporate world of finance and accounting and holding numerous C-suite positions, she found her passion for helping others grow in their personal and professional lives. Marsha founded Levity Leadership to help clients prioritize through awareness, rapid discovery, self-care strategies and accountability to create a place of personal and professional happiness. in order to Marsha couples her business prowess with her leadership development training skills while creating a humorous and fun environment for clients to develop, grow, and prosper.

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Marsha is available to work with individuals and teams, solopreneurs and corporations. She believes that levity in the workplace makes for happier employees and employers. When you bring humor and joy into the workplace, productivity soars, moral is raised, and employee turnover is low.

Happy people working in pleasant environments get more done, are healthier, and far more likely to produce better work.

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